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Laboratory for Atmospheric Research

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Change: Measurements and Modeling in the Pacific Northwest

National Science Foundation

The REU program is supported by the National Science Foundation

Potential impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) plus Omicron variant:   The health and well-being of everyone involved in the WSU LAR Atmospheric Science REU program is our top priority. The COVID-19 outbreak and responses in the U.S. have varied depending on local situations, including on college campuses, and our program will be following any guidance established by the Washington State University (WSU) and the National Science Foundation. This includes the requirement for vaccination in order to work on the WSU campus. Due to health concerns, and potential constraints, the LAR REU leadership may choose to cancel the in-person component of the summer program at any point. If this is the case, we will continue to offer the program in a remote mode, and we will inform you as soon as any decision is made. For updates on the COVID-19 response at WSU you can find information here:

2009 REU participants     Dian Romonosky with the MF-DOAS ground instrument     LAR faculty B. Lamb and T. Jobson discuss results with Kenneth Christian     Jacob Oberman reading data collected from CCN counter

NOTE: We are taking a short break and will be offering the REU program during the summer of 2020. The application period will open in the Fall of 2019.


• Apply •

• The Summer 2022 application period is OPEN •

We are taking a short break and will be offering this REU program again in the summer of 2020.

Deadline for applications is February 22, 2022
Deadline for letters of recommendation is March 4, 2022
Program Dates: June 2–August 5, 2022

Apply Now!

As part of your ONLINE APPLICATION, you must provide the following:

  • A Personal Statement (6,000 characters or less) describing:
    • Additional experiences that demonstrate your ability to work independently and to be self-motivated.
    • What you hope to gain by participating in a research program at the Laboratory for Atmospheric Research.
    • Your short- and long-term goals, and how a summer research experience will help you realize them.
    • Previous experience you have in research, such as science projects, working with instrumentation, laboratory techniques, data analysis software, and/or related computer skills. For example, do you have any prior computer programming experience? If so, please describe. Are you interested in gaining programming experience? For example, we use Matlab, IGOR, Python among other packages for data analysis and we run air quality models in a Linux environment.
  • A PDF copy of your academic transcripts (unofficial copies are encouraged).
  • Two letters of recommendation.

If transmission of application materials is not possible electronically, please email to make alternative arrangements (email Shelley Pressley).


Program Goals

The REU program goal is to provide undergraduate students in engineering and related fields an opportunity to participate in ongoing active research programs. Working closely with faculty and graduate students, the participants will gain hands onexperience with atmospheric chemistry measurements and modeling.

Who is eligible?

Participants must be currently registered at a two or four year college, and may not have received their Bachelor's degree prior to July 2022. Women, members of demographic groups traditionally underrepresented in engineering, and students from community colleges or institutions that do not offer research opportunities for undergraduates are particularly encouraged to apply.

Students at all levels of their undergraduate work are sought for this program, and majors such as civil engineering, environmental engineering, as well as students from chemistry, physics, math, and other technical majors are encouraged to apply. Yes, we take Freshmen to Seniors, we do hope to have a broad mix of students at various levels of their college careers, so don't hold back from applying just because you haven't had any environmental engineering courses.

LAR REU participant Andrew Fink explains his results to Engineering Education student Kristen Kopczynski
LAR REU participant Andrew Fink explains his results to Engineering Education student Kristen Kopczynski



Research Projects each summer are similar in nature to previous years. The list below is from previous years.



Tom Jobson Tom Jobson, Laboratory for Atmospheric Research, trace organic gases in the atmosphere, trace gas instrumentation, tropospheric photochemistry, biogeochemical cycling, global climate change (

Heping Liu

Heping Liu, Laboratory for Atmospheric Research, micrometeorology, boundary-layer meteorology, biosphere-atmosphere interactions and ecosystem-climate feedbacks (

Shelley Pressley

Shelley Pressley, Laboratory for Atmospheric Research, trace gas measurements, eddy covariance flux methodologies, and agricultural emissions ( Joe Vaughan Joe Vaughan, Laboratory for Atmospheric Research, development of air quality modeling systems, and air quality forecast verification (
Von Walden Von Walden, Laboratory for Atmospheric Research, remote sensing of the atmosphere, infrared spectroscopy, polar meteorology, regional climate change (

What you do

What you do

Students will work on research projects ranging from air quality measurements in the laboratory or during field campaigns to running large scale air quality models. Each student will have a primary instrument, dataset or model they use during the summer. Students may work in collaborative teams with faculty and graduate students or more independently to accomplish specific research goals.

LAR REU participant Debbs Garvey describes her project results
LAR REU participant Debbs Garvey describes her results to an undergraduate participant from another program

All participants will take a series of half-day workshops designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of atmospheric chemistry, measurements, and modeling.  Workshops include:

  • Climate Change
  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Atmospheric Measurements
  • Modeling
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Aerosols
  • Scientific Writing
  • Poster Presentation

Near the end of the 9.5 week session, students will prepare a poster and present their results during a poster symposium for all of the WSU REU programs.

In addition you will:

  • Visit the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), a U.S. Department of Energy government research lab.
  • Participate in ongoing research projects.
  • Gain valuable research experience using cutting edge instrumentation or models and working in a team environment.
  • Have fun, make new friends, see the Palouse!

What you get

What you get

In addition to gaining experience with instruments and/or models currently used in government labs, regulatory agencies, consulting firms, and graduate schools, you receive:

  • A stipend of $5,700 for the 9.5 week session and free housing
  • Travel assistance for travel to and from Pullman, WA

We will provide housing in an off campus facility, with a shared kitchen and recreation facilities for all students.



REU program questions and interested applicants:

Dr. Shelley Pressley
Washington State University
Dept Civil & Environmental Engineering
Laboratory for Atmospheric Research

Gaea Ridenhour
Washington State University
Dept Civil & Environmental Engineering
Undergraduate Research Program Assistant

Previous Participants


2017 REU Students

2017 REU participants
2017 REU students:

(front row, left to right) Justin Bonds, Jilliann Peery, Victoria Dziekan, Riley Lewis, Allison Eames, John Perkins

(back row, left to right) Matthew Roetcisoender, Austin Pelletier, Kristian Gubsch, Sam Anderson, Yoni Rodriguez
Sam Anderson (poster)
University of Utah
"Sensitivity Analysis of the MOSAIC-HYSPLIT Lagrangian Model for Air Quality"
Justin Bonds (poster)
Jackson State University
"Analyzing the Impact of Synoptic Weather on the Surface Energy Budget of a Large Inland Water Body"
Victoria Dziekan (poster)
Washington State University
"CO2 Flux Bias Correction Assessment in Eddy Covariance Towers over Long Term Agricultural Sites"
Allison Eames (poster)
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
"Formaldehyde and Other Air Toxics: Risk and Exposure Assessment"
Kristian Gubsch (poster)
Washington State University
"Building Smart Cities Technology to Monitor Spokane¿s Air Quality"
Yoni Rodriguez (poster)
Yakima Valley Community College
"Lab Module to Introduce Undergraduates to Environmental Engineering"
Jilliann Peery (poster)
Willamette University
"Microclimate Urban Air Quality Modeling Using the ENVI-met Computational Fluid Dynamics model"
Austin Pelletier (poster)
Washington State University
"Geospatial Analysis of Census data for Health Analyses using the AIRPACT-5 Air Quality Forecast Model"
John Perkins (poster)
University of Arizona
"Evaluation of AIRPACT Air Quality Forecasts Against Ground-based Remote Sensing Observations"
Riley Lewis (poster)
New College of Florida
"Odor and Emission Analysis of Air from Marijuana Growing Facilities"
Matthew Roetcisoender (poster)
(not funded by NSF)
Washington State University
"Analysis of Methods for Estimating Methane Emissions from Mobile Measurements"


2016 REU Students

2016 REU participants
2016 REU students:

(front row, left to right) Dylan Curtis, Jaime Torres, Kayla Besong, and Cari Gostic

(middle row, left to right) Patrick Robichaud, Brandon Daub, Pyxie Star, Allison Ronan, and Justin Bonds

(back row, left to right) Eric Lopato, Tariq Hamzey, and Nathan Sparks
Kayla Besong (poster)
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
"Scale Dependencies of Model Estimates for Nitrogen Concentrations in the Western U.S."
Justin Bonds (poster)
Jackson State University
"Changes in Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Flux Over a Large Southern Inland Water Body"
Dylan Curtis (poster)
(not funded by NSF)
Washington State University
"Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Agricultural Sources Using the Nocturnal Storage Ratio Technique"
Brandon Daub (poster)
Millersville University of Pennsylvania
"Methane and Carbon Dioxide Concentration Patterns over Washington State University¿s PACCAR Building"
Cari Gostic (poster)
Cornell University
"A quantification of VOC emissions from carpet in a residence with a high level of formaldehyde"
Tariq Hamzey (poster)
Ohio State University
"An Evaluation of ClearSky2 & 3 for the RARE 2013 Field Burning Campaign"
Eric M Lopato (poster)
St. John's University
"Analysis of a 2012 Ozone Episode in the Spokane - Coeur d'Alene Area"
Patrick Robichaud
Pullman High School
"Lewiston-Clarkston Valley Formaldehyde Study"
Allison Ronan (poster)
Pennsylvania State University
"Air Trajectory Analysis for Forecasting Future Air Quality"
Nathan Sparks (poster)
Washington State University
"Comparison of Surface Energy Budget and Carbon Dioxide Flux between Urban and Agricultural Environments"
Pyxie Star (poster)
The Evergreen State College
"Comparison of AIRS and MODIS precipitable water vapor retrievals with data from Arctic locations"
Jaime Torres (poster)
University of Texas at El Paso
"Lewiston-Clarkston Valley Air Sampling Measurement Campaign"
Mercedes Winfrey (poster)
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
"Measuring CO2 emissions as a Basis for Understanding Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Rates"


2015 REU Students

2015 REU participants
2015 REU students:

(front row, left to right) Randy Bartoshevich, Ana Maria Zurawski, Gabrielle Jerz

(middle row, left to right) Inez Pabian, A. Grant Glazer

(back row, left to right) Aranxa M. Martínez Cortés, Shelley Pressley (PI), William Holdhusen, Charles C. Morris
Randy Bartoshevich (poster)
Washington State University, Tri-Cities
"Quantifying Influence of Irrigation and Meteorology on Water Use Efficiency with the Eddy Covariance Technique in a Vineyard in Washington"
A. Grant Glazer (poster)
Stanford University
"Aldehyde and Seek: Tracking R-CHO Production through the Ozonolysis of VOCs in Household Air Fresheners"
William Holdhusen (poster)
Reed College
"An evaluation of Amazon OH concentrations estimated from isoprene concentration, flux and products"
Gabrielle Jerz (poster)
Chicago Community Colleges
"Measuring Infiltration Rates in Homes as a Basis for Understanding Indoor Air Quality"
Aranxa M. Martínez Cortés (poster)
University of Puerto Rico, Ro Piedras Campus
"Vehicular emission ratio to determine efficiency of titanium dioxide as pollution eater"
Charles C. Morris (poster)
Valparaiso University
"Evaluation of ClearSky2 PM2.5 Concentration"
Inez Pabian (poster)
Northern Arizona University
"Measuring Volatile Organic Compounds emitted from common household deodorizers as a basis for understanding indoor air quality"
Ana Maria Zurawski (poster)
Humboldt State University
"Surface Energy Budget over an Arid Scrubland Site in Idaho"


2014 REU Students

2014 REU participants
2014 REU students:

(front row, left to right) Colby Sameshima, Rebecca McLean, Jinyanzi Luo, Dylan Curtis

(middle row, left to right) Taylor Mandelbaum, Brooke Adams, Justin Singleton, Randy Bartoshevich

(back row, left to right) Devin Marcy, Kevin Montalvo, Raleigh Grysko
Brooke Adams (poster)
Hobart and William Smith College
"The Influence of the NAO on the near Surface Meteorology at Summit, Greenland"
Randy Bartoshevich (poster)
Washington State University Tri-Cities
"NO+ as a PTR-MS Reagent Ion"
Dylan Curtis (poster)
Washington State University
"Comparing Air Quality Models with Observed Isoprene Emissions to Improve Air Quality Forecasting"
Raleigh Grysko (poster)
Hobart and William Smith College
"Surface Energy Budget Closure in Sagebrush Landscape"
Jinyanzi Luo (poster)
Bellevue College
"Measurements of Isoprene Fluxes at the University of Michigan Biological Station"
Taylor Mandelbaum (poster)
Stony Brook University
"El Nino and Seasonal Forecasting: Does a Global Climatic Event Impact Accuracy of Climate Models in the Pacific Northwest?"
Devin Marcy (poster)
Washington State University
"Evaporation and Surface Energy Balance over a Large Reservoir"
Rebecca McLean (poster)
University of Central Florida
"The Design and Implementation of a Chamber to Investigate the Photocatalytic Impacts of TiO2 under Ambient Conditions"
Kevin Montalvo (poster)
Stony Brook University
"Assessment of Residential Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Usage"
Colby Sameshima (poster)
Tufts University
"Assessing Indoor Air Quality Using the CONTAM Indoor Air Quality Model"
Justin Singleton (poster)
Hampshire College
"Diesel Exhaust: Photo-reactor Flow Tube Experiment"


2013 REU Students

2013 REU participants
2013 REU students:

(front row, left to right) Charlotte Beall, Christopher Flyckt, Antonia Terrell, Jessica Haskins, Lauren Zuromski

(back row, left to right) Alexander Lambdin, Megan Buzanowicz, Michelle DiBenedetto, Brunye Adams, Nikita Fedkin, Anthony Ayala Jr.
Brunye Adams (poster)
Washington State University
"The Effects of Undergraduate Research on REU Participants"
Anthony Ayala Jr. (poster)
Stony Brook University
"A Tree's Response to Herbivory Stress"
Charlotte Beall (poster)
University of Texas at Austin
"Measuring Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Distribution Systems: Tracer Ratio Method"
Megan Buzanowicz (poster)
Millersville University
"Modeling the Effect of Fuel Moisture and Meteorology on Wildfire Model Emissions"
Michelle DiBenedetto (poster)
Cornell University
"Modeling the Role of Canopy Processes in a Ponderosa Pine"
Nikita Fedkin (poster)
Penn State University
"Quantifying Influences of ENSO on Nitrogen Wet Deposition in the Contiguous U.S."
Christopher Flyckt* (poster)
Washington State University
"Construction of Diesel Exhaust Flow Tube Reactor"
Jessica Haskins (poster)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Flux Measurements over an Agricultural Site: Pre and Post Burn"
Alexander Lambdin* (poster)
Washington State University
"Methane Emissions from the US Natural Gas Distribution System: Development of a Dynamic Surface Enclosure for Underground Pipeline Leak Measurements"
Antonia Terrell (poster)
Arizona State University
"Using IASI Ammonia Retrievals to Assess AIRPACT Model Performance"
Lauren Zuromski (poster)
Florida State University
"Comparing Planetary Boundary Layer Heights from the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model and Washington State University's Laboratory for Atmospheric Research's (LAR) Ceilometer"

* did not receive NSF funding, supported on other research grants


2012 REU Students

2012 REU participants
2012 REU students:

(front row, left to right) Zeeyuan Chen, Rachel Atlas

(middle row, left to right) Jacqueline Costello, Giuliana Viglione, Kallie Doeden, Natalie Thomas, Kayla Warden (2011 participant)

(back row, left to right) Ross Woods, Alejandro Prieto, Madeline Fuchs (NARA SURE student), Levi Golston
Rachel Atlas (poster)
University of Chicago
"Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) Analysis of Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol"
Zeyuan Chen (poster)
Stony Brook University
"Sulfur Hexafluoride Tracer Dispersion within Cherry Orchard"
Jacqueline Costello (poster)
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
"Tropospheric Ozone Satellite Retrievals in the Pacific Northwest"
Kallie Doeden (poster)
St. Olaf College
"Laboratory Generation of HO Radicals and Their Effects on Vehicle Emissions in a TiO2 Coated Setting"
Levi Golston (poster)
University of Oklahoma
"Modeling of Large Wildfire Emissions in the Pacific Northwest"
Alejandro Prieto (poster)
Bronx Community College
"Micrometeorological Processes and Turbulent Fluxes within Forest Canopies over a Sloping Terrain in the Priest River Experiment Forest, Idaho"
Natalie Thomas (poster)
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
"Evaluating the Relationship between Inter-Annual Climate Variability and Nitrogen Wet Deposition in the United States"
Giuliana Viglione (poster)
Columbia University
"A Tree's Response to Herbivory: Quantification of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound Emissions"
Ross Woods (poster)
Washington State University
"The Effectiveness and Benefits of an Undergraduate Research Experience: A Review of Literature"


2011 REU Students

2011 REU participants
REU students for 2011 (left to right): Etta Axtell, Bobby (Yuhao) Wu, Ayrton Bryan, Andrew Gabel, ShanKara Johnson, Kyle Morse, Matthew Woelfle, Paige Pruisner, Elaina Shawver, David Erickson, Kayla Warden
Etta Axtell
Northwest Indian College
Formaldehyde Study on the Nez Perce Reservation
Ayrton Bryan (poster)
Texas A&M University
"Modeling the Impact of Land Class / Land Use on Biogenic VOC Emissions and Nitrogen Deposition"
David Erickson (poster)
Washington State University
"Analyzing Compost Emissions from Washington State Compost Facilities"
Andrew Gabel (poster)
Kansas Wesleyan University
"Calculating Smoke Plume Height from Video Feed"
ShanKara Johnson (poster)
DePauw University
"Evaluation and analysis of the AIRPACT regional air quality forecast system for ozone in the Pacific Northwest"
Kyle Morse
University of Idaho
"Self-Efficacy in Undergraduate Research: A practical study and review of the literature"
Paige Pruisner (poster)
University of Colorado
"Remote Sensing of Irrigated Areas in the Columbia River Basin"
Elaina Shawver (poster)
Washington State University
"Measurements of Trace Gas Fluxes by MAX-DOAS in Texas City, Texas – Spring 2009"
Kayla Warden (poster)
Northwest Indian College
Formaldehyde Study on the Nez Perce Reservation in the Lapwai Valley
Matthew Woelfle (poster)
North Carolina State University
"Using Remote Sensing Satellite Products to Detect Aerosol Distribution during Forest Fire Episodes"
Bobby (Yuhao) Wu (poster)
Central Michigan University
"Analysis of Tracer Dispersion Data and Pollutant Emission Rates during a Prescribed Fire Event"


2010 REU Students

2010 REU participants
REU students for 2010:

(back row, left to right): Karl Dunkle Werner, Michael Wade, Daniel Wagner, Eric Jones

(middle row, left to right): Patrick Lampe, Cassandra Sanders
Melissa Johns, Brett Basarab, Jacob Oberman

(front row, left to right): Ivy (Ling) Tao, Diane Romonosky, Stephanie DeJong
Brett Basarab (poster)
Middlebury College
"Modeling the Emissions and Regional Climate Impacts of Newly Discovered Particles Caused by Breaking Waves on the Great Lakes"
Stephanie DeJong (poster)
Trinity Christian College
"Simulated Atmospheric Deposition of Pollutants into Watersheds of the Pacific Northwest"
Melissa Johns (poster)
Washington State University
"Analysis of Tracer Dispersion Data during a Prescribed Fire Event"
Eric Jones (poster)
Olin College of Engineering
"Analysis of Turbulence Driving the Canopy-Atmosphere Exchange at CABINEX 2009"
Patrick Lampe (poster)
Spokane Falls Community College
"Calibration and Optimization of PTR-MS for Measurement of Methyl Hydroperoxide (CH3OOH)"
Jacob Oberman (poster)
University of Wisconsin
"Characterization of Instrument-Specific Parameters of a Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter"
Caitlin Owsley (poster)
University of Idaho
"A Study of Research Self-Efficacy Changes in the Atmospheric Chemistry REU Students during Summer 2009"
Dian Romonosky (poster)
Millikin University
"Measurements of Atmospheric Bromine Monoxide Using Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy over Pullman, WA, July 2010"
Cassandra Sanders (poster)
Columbia Basin College
"Optimizing a GC/FID for Analyzing Trace Levels of Non-Methane Hydrocarbons at the Mount Bachelor Observatory in Oregon"
Ivy (Ling) Tao (poster)
Bryn Mawr College
"The Effects of Wildfire Atmospheric Emissions on Regional Air Quality Using Current and Future Climate Simulations"
Michael Wade (poster)
Rensselaer Poly-Technic Institute
"An Investigation of the Limitations in Plume Rise Models Used in Air Quality Forecast Systems"
Daniel Wagner (poster)
Washington State University
"White Pine Emissions Trends of Monoterpenes and Sesquiterpenes After Acute Ozone Exposure"
Karl Dunkle Werner (poster)
University of Michigan
"Development and Testing of Particle Number Flux Measurement System"


2009 REU Students

2009 REU participants
REU students for 2009 (left to right): Pierre Wong, Andy Monplaisir, Riley Start, James O'Malley, Kerry O'Donnell, Tracy Yelden, Tanvi Ratani, Andrew Fink, Debbs Garvey, Kenneth Christian, Ryan Collins (not pictured: Chelsea Rosenkrance and Patrick O'Keefe)
Kenneth Christian (poster)
University of Idaho
"Improving the Characterization of Smoke Plumes within the AIRPACT Model"
James O'Malley (poster)
Washington State University
"Pullman's Weather and Air Quality Station"
Ryan Collins (poster)
University of Wisconsin
"Predicting Ambient Aerosol Cloud-Forming Potential: CCN Closure Analysis in Boise, Idaho"
Tanvi Ratani (poster)
University of Michigan
"The Effect of Ozone Stomatal Conductance on Isoprene Emissions above a Northern Hardwood Forest"
Andrew Fink (poster)
Penn State
"Integration of satellite imagery and emissions data into ClearSky for enhanced modeling of agricultural burning and decision-maker support"
Chelsea Rosenkrance (poster)
Washington State University
"Measurements of Light Scattering and Aerosol Properties at the University of Michigan Biological Station during CABINEX"
Debbs Garvey (poster)
University of Virgin Islands
"The Proton Transfer Reaction Mass-Spectrometer for Atmospheric Chemistry Tracers of Diesel Exhaust Emissions and Measurements of Trace Gas and Aerosol Properties"
Riley Start (poster)
Washington State University
"Using MODIS FRP Values to Estimate Forest Fire PM 2.5 Emissions"
Andy Monplaisir (poster)
Florida State University
"Incorporation of wood stove emission forecasts based on heating degrees into the AIRPACT-3 modeling system"
Pierre Wong (poster)
Washington State University
"Pollutant Deposition Maps and Analysis"
Kerry O'Donnell (poster)
Penn State
"Vertical Ozone Profiling at the University of Michigan Biological Station during CABINEX"
Tracy Yelden (poster)
Central College
"Measurements of Formaldehyde Fluxes in Houston, Texas"
Patrick O'Keefe (presentation)
Washington State University
"Measurement of Ammonia Fluxes at a Cattle Feedlot Using Relaxed Eddy Accumulation"


2008 REU Students

2008 REU participants
LAR 2008 Undergraduate Research Participants: (L to R, backrow) Matt Zebovitz, Patrick O'Keeffe, Drew Polley, Tim Olson, Michael Thompson, Joe Westergreen, Logan Callen, Pierre Wong; (L to R, front row) Celia Faiola, Erika Ottenbreit, Heather Hamilton; (not pictured) Liam Corcoran, Mandi Hohner, Riley Start
Celia Faiola
"Using Speciated Stable Isotope Analysis for Aerosol Source Identification"
Drew Polley
"Using the Calpuff Atmospheric Dispersion Model to Assess Air Toxic Levels Near a Pulp and Paper Mill"
Michael Thompson
"Using Ranking Tasks to Increase Conceptual Understanding in Mechanics of Materials"
Riley Start
"Using MODIS FRP Values to Estimate Forest Fire PM2.5 Emissions"
Mandi Hohner
"Investigation of Nighttime CO2 Fluxes in Complex Terrain"
Erika Ottenbreit
"Quantifying Methane Emissions from WSU Compost Facility"
Tim Olson
"Trace Organic Detection by PTR-MS"
Logan Callen [profile]
"Aerosol Cloud Forming Potential in the Colorado Rockies During BEACHON-SRM08"
Joe Westergreen [profile]
"Comparing Wildfire Locations and Plume Heights Between Satellite Images and the Air Quality Model AIRPACT"
Pierre Wong
"Evaluation of the AIRPACT-3 PM2.5 Forecast System for the Pacific Northwest"
Heather Hamilton
"Determining Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol in Ultrafine Particles"


2007 REU Students

2007 REU participants
(L to R): Nathan Burley, Tyler Lewis, Matt Erickson, Brock Andrews, Brandon Little, Rob Gibson (not pictured): Teresa Coons, Josh Van Wie, Liam Corcoran
Tyler Lewis
"Comparisons of Aerosol Optical Depth among Satellite Estimates, Surface Observations, and the AIRPACT Air Quality Modeling System"
Matt Erickson
"Analyses of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere using a Proton Reaction Mass Spectrometer"
Brandon Little
"Turbulence Modeling Above and Within a Forest Canopy"
Brock Andrews
"Modeling of Bark Beetle Pheromone Dispersion and the Effects of Forest Thinning"
Nathan Burley
"Measurement of Particle Size Distributions for the Pullman Area"
Rob Gibson
"Remote Sensing of NO2 and O3 during the Table Mountain Field Campaign"
Josh Van Wie
"Predictions of the Occurrence of Agricultural Field Burning"
Teresa Coons
"Estimation of Carbon Budgets for a Small Watershed in Complex Terrain"
Liam Corcoran
"Model Evidence for Tropospheric Ozone Transport to the Surface in the Lee of the Rocky Mountains"


2006 REU Students

2006 REU participants 2006 REU poster session
Mary Capiral
"Validation of the Multi-function Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (MFDOAS) Instrument"
Teresa Coons
"CO & CO2 Fluxes Contributing to Urban Emissions in Mexico City"
Eric Ferguson
"Sensitivity Comparison and Analysis of VOC's using PTR-MS"
Steve Greenwood
"Quantifying Malic Acid in Forage to Reduce Methane Emissions"
Jacob McCoskey
"Mobile Laboratory Measurements of Air Toxics"
Jeff Price
"Methane Fluxes over a Northwestern Cattle Feedlot"
Charleston Ramos
"Analyses of Winds and PM2.5 Concentrations from the ClearSky Ensemble Smoke Dispersion Forecast System"
Josh Reed
"Evaluation of Regional Climate and Air Quality Modeling for PM2.5"
Civil & Environmental Engineering, PO Box 642910, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-2910, 509-335-2576