Northwest International Air Quality Environmental Science and Technology Consortium


NW-AIRQUEST June 2014 Meeting
EPA Region 10

Idaho DEQ, 1410 North Hilton
Boise, ID 83706
June 18-20, 2014

Wednesday June 18, 1:00-5:30PM

      1:00     Welcome, logistics, etc. — Tiffany Floyd, Administrator, Air Quality Division, IDEQ

      1:15     AIRPACT-4 updates
                  •   State of the Model — Brian Lamb, WSU
                  •   Blue Sky Modeling — Farren Herron-Thorpe, WA ECY
                  •   ClearSky updates — Joe Vaughan, WSU
                  •   Update on AP4 performance for speciated PM2.5 — Farren Herron-Thorpe, WA ECY

      2:40     Ozone enhancement in Western US wildfire plumes at the Mt. Bachelor Observatory: The Role of NOx
                  — Pao Baylon, UW Bothell

      3:00     Predictive Services and the 2014 Fire Outlook
                  — Ed Delgado, National Program Manager, Predictive Services, National Interagency Fire Center, Boise

      3:20     BREAK

      3:35     Atmospheric Mercury Deposition and Impacts in the Pacific Northwest
                  — Bob Brunette, Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences, Inc.

      3:55     PNW Contaminants Workgroup Report, web page and interactive map — Tonnie Cummings, Nat'l Park Service

      4:15     BioEarth: Summary of 2014 Atmospheric Issues Stakeholder Workshop — Brian Lamb, WSU

      4:30     Panel Discussion: Agency issues and needs in the 510 year time frame
                  — WA ECY, ODEQ, IDEQ, Regional Air Agencies/Tribal Representatives

Thursday June 19, 8:30-5:00PM

      8:30     Boundary Condition Tracers in Airpact (.ppsx file) — Joe Vaughan, WSU

      8:50     The Long Draw Haboob — Brian Lamb, WSU

      9:10     Interpollutant Trading Ratios from AIRPACT — Ranil Dhammapala, WA ECY

      9:30     Background concentrations Webmap tool — Sara Strachan, IDEQ

      9:45     Black Carbon from Fires — Serena Chung, WSU

      10:05     BREAK

      10:20     YAWNS-Yakima Air Wintertime Nitrate Study — Tom Jobson, WSU

      10:40     Near Roadway Studies — Sara Harrold, with Erik Saganic, and Phil Swartzendruber, PSCAA
                  •   Overview of near-road pollution and health
                  •   Our learned lessons with microsensors
                  •   Mobile and temporary monitoring in a winter intensive campaign

      12:00     WORKING LUNCH
                  •   Future Directions and Funding Opportunities-Group Discussion

      1:15     AIRPACT Working Groups

      1:15     Group A Ventilation Indices: Graphics to add/drop — Rob Elleman
                  •   Update from the RMC June 5 meeting — Rob Elleman
                  •   AgBurn Outlook Graphic — Rob Elleman
                  •   The Deep Stable Layer Graphic — Yayi Dong, IDEQ
                  •   Inversion/cold/low wind speed Graphic — Sara Harrold, PSCAA
                  •   Additional Workgroup Discussion and Summary

      2:25     Group B Emissions Inventories: Update — Sally Otterson
                  •   AIRPACT emissions reporting project (smkreport) — Farren Herron-Thorpe, WA ECY

      3:10     BREAK

      3:25     Group B Emissions Inventories: Continued
                  •   The Next Steps in the MOVES/AIRPACT Integration — Wei Zhang/Jen Cole, Idaho DEQ
                  •   Discussion: Is there a mechanism for getting short term changes into AIRPACT4?
                      — Farren Herron-Thorpe, WA ECY
                  •   Additional Workgroup Discussion and Summary

      4:10     Group C Model Evaluation — Alfredo Arroyo, WSU (withdrawn)
                  •   Additional Workgroup Discussion

      4:50     Business meeting. Topics include:
                  •   Finalizing WSU work plan and contract
                  •   Project management - handoff to LRAPA — Bruce Louks
                  •   NW-AIRQUEST Chair rotation plan/schedule

Friday June 20, 8:30-12:00PM

      8:30   Incident Model Update for Oil Train Emergencies — Rick Hardy, IDEQ

      8:50     Trends in Yakima Speciation Data — Ranil Dhammapala, WA ECY / Bob Kotchenruther, EPA R10

      9:10     Mobile Monitoring for Site Evaluation in Vancouver, WA — Jill Schulte, WA ECY

      9:30     A Dynamic Model Evaluation of the AURAMS Photochemical Model for Visual Air Quality Policy Work in the Lower Fraser Valley, B.C. — Bruce Ainslie, Env. Canada

      9:50     An analysis of TEOM and particle counter performance and implications for coal-train observations and future monitoring — Phil Swartzendruber, PSCAA

      10:20     BREAK

      10:35   Lakeview PM2.5 Advance — Phil Allen, ODEQ

      10:50   Pinehurst NAA Designation Decision Support Tool — Rick Hardy, IDEQ

      11:15   Meeting Wrap-up
                  •   Review long term directions
                  •   Review action items
                  •   Schedule future meetings

      12:00     Adjourn 2014 NW-AIRQUEST Annual Meeting

Civil & Environmental Engineering, PO Box 642910, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-2910, 509-335-2576