Northwest International Air Quality Environmental Science and Technology Consortium


Northwest Regional Modeling Consortium

December 3, 2013 Meeting Agenda

NOAA Sand Point, Building 1, WRC Conference Room

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NW-AIRQUEST Meeting, 9:00 AM 12:00 PM

9:00   Introductions and meeting logistics

9:10   WorkGroup Updates from the June Annual Meeting
                 •   Group A: Ventilation Indices, Ag Burn Outlook, and related graphics / Smoke Management
                     Training Workshop planning (Rob Elleman/Mary Anderson, 10 min)
                 •   Group B: Emissions Inventories (Sally Otterson, 10 min)
                 •   Group C: Model Evaluation: AP-4 first assessment of ozone, PM (Alfredo Arroyo, 10 min)

9:40   PM2.5 Interpollutant Trading Ratios – Phil's Idea Revisited (Rick Hardy, IDEQ)

9:55   Update on the RARE Ag burn studies in ID and WA (Rob Elleman, EPA)

10:10   BREAK

10:25   WSU Update
                 •   Airpact operations update including effort on 2nd 24 hrs (Joe Vaughan, 10 min)
                 •   Airpact ozone tracer update (Joe Vaughan, 10 min)
                 •   Wood-stove emissions temperature adjustment (Joe Vaughan, 5 min)
                 •   MOVES update (Joe Vaughan, 5 min)
                 •   ClearSky2 development status (Joe Vaughan, 5 min)
                 •   Update on Fire results (Farren Herron-Thorpe, 10 min)

11:10   Gathering stakeholders' perspectives for BioEarth (Georgine Yorgey, WSU)

11:40   Report / discussion about new NowCast methodology

NRMC Meeting, 1:00 PM 4:00 PM

1:00   NW-AIRQUEST update (Clint Bowman, Ecology)

1:10   System Status and Development (Cliff Mass, UW)
                 •   Status of current system, including tests of new configuration for air quality episodes
                 •   Need for hardware upgrades
                 •   Bufkit graphics and AgBurn Outlook
                 •   ACARS vs. Profiler

1:55   Meteorological Observations Network (Mark Albright, UW)

2:05   BREAK

2:20   The Potential for Long-Range Mesoscale Ensemble Forecasts Using NCEP's Climate Forecast System to Drive WRF (Rick Steed, UW)

3:00   Salmon Canyon wind study (Natalie Wagenbrenner, US Forest Service)

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