Northwest International Air Quality Environmental Science and Technology Consortium


Northwest Regional Modeling Consortium

October 6, 2011 Meeting Agenda

NOAA Sand Point, Building 1, WRC Conference Room

NW-AIRQUEST Meeting, 9:00 AM 12:00 PM

9:00-9:45   WSU Update (Brian Lamb, WSU)

9:45-10:15   EPA-WSU GEOSS project on satellite and air quality
                      (Bob Kotchenruther/Rob Elleman, EPA; Joe Vaughan, WSU)

10:15-10:45   PMF source apportionment for the Wasach Front (Bob Kotchenruther, EPA)

10:45-11:15   SMOKE-MOVES implementation (Joe Vaughan, WSU; Rick Hardy, IDEQ; Brian Lamb, WSU)

11:15-11:45   Do agricultural fires affect ozone? Discuss. (Rick Hardy, IDEQ)

11:45-12:00   Transitioning the NW-AIRQUEST Chairmanship from ODEQ to Ecology/Locals
                      (Jeff Johnston, Ecology)

NRMC Meeting, 1:00 PM 4:30 PM

1:00   NW-AIRQUEST Report (Clint Bowman, Ecology)

1:15   Consortium Business
                 •   July 2011 Budget and 2012 outlook (Bruce Louks, IDEQ)
                 •   Where are we in our membership drive? (Rob Elleman, EPA and Cliff Mass, UW)

1:30   System Status and Development (Cliff Mass, UW)
                 •   Status of current system
                 •   Update on 1.33 km domain extent, number hours, and graphics
                 •   Update on web page improvements for 36/12/4km domains
                 •   Current status of EnKF

~3:00   Sand Point Profiler Progress since last meeting (Phil Swartzendrubber, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency)

~3:30   Naches smoke intrusion (Miriam Rorig, USFS-Airfire)

~4:00   Meteorological Observations Network (Mark Albright, UW)

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