Northwest International Air Quality Environmental Science and Technology Consortium


October 2010 Meeting

Determination of the Most Appropriate Control Technology (MACT) for the control of NOx emissions from Northwest Pipeline's natural gas compressing station [pdf, 5.4 MB]
George Mwaniki, LAR PhD Candidate, WSU

AIRPACT Updates [pdf, 6.3 MB]
Joe Vaughan, WSU

WRF Updates [pdf, 5.8 MB]
University of Washington

Meteorological Data Needs for Air Quality Analyses [pdf, 1.7 MB]
Rick Graw, Air Resource Management Specialists, US Forest Service

Atmospheric Policy Trajectory (APT) Internship at EPA Region-10 [pdf, 4.2 MB]
Farren L. Herron-Thorpe, LAR PhD Candidate, WSU

Realizing the Benefits of Probability Weather Information [pdf, 5.3 MB]
Tony Eckel, NWS Office of Science and Technology

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