Northwest International Air Quality Environmental Science and Technology Consortium


2007 NW-AIRQUEST Annual Meeting
Region 10 + States Meeting
MM5 Consortium Meeting

Seattle, Washington
October 22-25, 2007

Meeting Attendees
Preliminary summary


Overall agenda
NWRMC agenda


Monday, October 22: R10+States meeting

R10 + States Meeting (Herman Wong)

BART Visibility Modeling (Phil Allen)

New Source Review Program/Rule Update (David Svendsgaard)

PM2.5 NSR Implementation (Raj Rao)

Status of the Guideline on Air Quality Modeling (Tyler Fox)

Model Clearinghouse (Dennis Atkinson)

AERMOD Implementation Issues (Roger Brode, Randy Robinson, Tyler Fox)

Anemometer Height Question
(Alan Schuler)

PM10 Modeling as Compliance with PM2.5 (Kevin Schilling)

AERMOD Update (Roger W. Brode)

MM5-AERMOD Tool (Roger W. Brode)

Development of Alternatives to CALMET: The MM5-CALPUFF Prototype Project (Bret Anderson)

Federal Land Managers' AQRV Workgroup (FLAG) (Tim Allen)

Update on Critical Loads Research in the Northwest (Elizabeth Waddell)

Region 10 Perspectives on PM2.5 and Ozone SIPs (Gina Bonifacino)


Technical Challenges for Air Quality Modeling in the Pacific Northwest
(Robert Elleman and Rob Wilson)

Final Ozone/PM2.5/Regional Haze Modeling Guidance Summary (Brian Timin)

Overview of "Predicting the PBL" (Robert Elleman)

PBL Modeling for Air Quality Models (Jonathan Pleim)

PBL Height Estimation in Models and Observations

Near-surface performance in the NCEP operational NAM/WRF-NMM (Michael Ek and others)

Improvements to Surface Flux Computations in the MRF PBL Scheme, and Refinements to Urban Processes in the Noah LSM Model with the NCAR/ATEC Real-time FDDA and Forecast System (Yubao Liu and others)

Urban boundary layer modeling and infrastructure issues (Jason Ching)

Large-eddy Planetary Boundary Layer Modeling (Inanc Senocak)

A Simple Model for Dispersion in a Convective Boundary Layer (Bruce Ainslie and Roland Stull)

Testing and Improving Pacific NW PBL forecasts (Chris Bretherton, Matt Wyant, Eric Grimit)

The NCAR 4DWX Real-Time Four-Dimensional Data-Assimilation and Forecasting (RTFDDA) System for Mesoscale Weather-Sensitive Applications (Yubao Liu, Tom Warner and Scott Swerdlin)

Mesoscale Analyses & Forecasts (Greg Hakim)


NH3 Emissions for Regional Air Quality Modeling (Brian Lamb)

Modeling Bi-Directional Flux of Ammonia (Jon Pleim)

Why We Need to Model Deposition (Elizabeth Waddell)

Regional Modeling of Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Mercury Atmospheric Deposition in the Pacific Northwest (Matt Porter, Brian Lamb and others)

Wednesday PM, October 24: NWRMC meeting

Consortium Meeting (Cliff Mass)

Profiler Status 2007 (Mike Gilroy)

Thursday, October 25: NW-AIRQUEST meeting

Evaluating 12-km AIRPACT3 Performance for O3, PM2.5, and N & S Deposition for the Years 2003-2005 (Robert Kotchenruther)

Impact of high resolution modeling on ozone predictions in the Cascadia region (Ying Xie and Brian Lamb)

Western Canada (BC/Alberta) BlueSky Extension Pilot Project (Steve Sakiyama)

Analysis of Sand Point Wind Profiler and RASS system (Bonnie Brown)

Investigating the Characteristics of Wood Smoke (Walter Zylowski, Erik Saganic, Mike Gilroy)

Approved Regional Method (ARM) Demonstration (Mike Gilroy, Erik Saganic)

Regional Air Quality Modeling: Long Range Global Change Simulations (Brian Lamb and Jeremy Avise)

PM2.5 Speciation Issues (Neil Frank)

Preliminary Analysis of PM2.5 Speciation Data in Puget Sound (Mike Gilroy, Erik Saganic)

Region 10 PM speciation data summary (Ranil Dhammapala)

Incorporation of Satellite Data for Improving AIRPACT (Joe Vaughan and others)

Level of Accuracy Goals and Model Performance (Rick Hardy)

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