Northwest International Air Quality Environmental Science and Technology Consortium


December 2006 Annual Meeting

Analysis of Ozone Modeling for May-July 2006 in PNW using AIRPACT3 (CMAQ) and CAMx
[PowerPoint, 1.6 MB] Robert Kotchenruther, EPA

AIRPACT-3 status and near-term objectives [PowerPoint, 6.4 MB]
Joe Vaughan, Brian Lamb, Jeremy Avise, Jack Chen, Matt Porter, Li Wang
Washington State University

Regional Air Quality Modeling: Long Range Global Change Simulations [PowerPoint, 5 MB]

National Ambient Air Quality Standards Update [PowerPoint, 0.6 MB]
Bruce Louks, Idaho DEQ

ClearSky status and near-term objectives [PowerPoint, 5 MB]
Joe Vaughan, Charleston Ramos, Brian Lamb -- Washington State University

Comparison of AIRPACT and the Aura Satellite, NO2 [PowerPoint, 5.3 MB]
Farren Herron-Thorpe, Washington State University

Incident Modeling Capability for Air Releases [PowerPoint, 8.3 MB]
Rick Hardy, Sara Strachan, Wei Zhang -- Idaho DEQ
Kris Carter -- IDHW, Office of Epidemiology & Food Protection

Implementing Region 10 Air Directors Funding Decision [PowerPoint, 287 KB]
Mike Gilroy, Idaho DEQ

PBL Parameterizations [PowerPoint, 1.6 MB]
Cliff Mass, University of Washington

Puget Sound Area Ozone Modeling [PowerPoint, 2.7 MB]
Washington State University, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, Washington Department of Ecology

Critical Load Development for Nitrogen and Sulfur Deposition [PowerPoint, 5.3 MB]
Elizabeth Waddell, National Park Service

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