Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Laboratory for Atmospheric Research

Research Opportunites for Graduates

Graduate students play a key role in the research activities within LAR. The majority of the graduate students in our department are supported financially through Research Assistantships (RAs), with teaching assistantship (TA) support making up the difference. With either an RA or TA, graduate students receive a stipend, a tuition waiver and benefits.

LAR is currently recruiting high quality graduate students for ongoing research within the department. Please contact us if you are interested. Graduate students benefit from their educational experience at Washington State University in various ways:

  • Part of a highly motivated team-environment within LAR

  • Direct hands-on involvement with research activities and/or teaching responsibilities

  • Opportunity to work in multidisciplinary research areas, including collaborations with other departments

  • Opportunities to attend national and international technical conferences to present research results, meet colleagues, and learn about other related research

  • Participation in local, national, and international workshops and symposiums to improve research skills and foster career development

  • Opportunities for mentoring and teaching undergraduates

  • Exposure to highly qualified speakers and researchers from outside of the campus community, including speakers from National Laboratories located nearby

  • Competitive stipends offered and above-average benefits for WSU graduate students

Please contact Dr. Shelley Pressley ( for additional information.

graduate research opportunities
Graduate student Rasa Grivicke in Mexico City.

Jorge Jimenez and Candis Claiborn measuring particulates during a field burn
Jorge Jimenez (WSU graduate) and Dr. Candis Claiborn measuring particulates during a field burn.
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